Pantry Passport Entry #1: Dim Sum

Jerik and I went for a lovely walk through downtown. Let me tell you, it was a beautiful Thursday afternoon; hot, muggy, and filled with the smells of fish from the local markets. So wonderful.

I dragged Jerik all over Chinatown in hopes of locating AnimeXtreme, a great little anime shop along Spadina. After walking from one end of town to the other, we finally found it…after visiting Rol San, the best Dim Sum house in Chinatown.

Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t go to Rol San:

  • They only accept cash and Visa – not mastercard or debit
  • Service is a slow
  • It’s expensive
  • You have to ask for water
  • It’s usually full

Okay, so that last point is actually a great thing about a restaurant, and especially because it’s not only filled with people who love dim sum, but most of the people who frequent this restaurant are Asian. If there’s any mark of approval on an asian restaurant, it’s the overly loud asian groups that order everything that you would never eat. Lungs, anyone?

Now for all the reasons that you should go to Rol San:

  • Fig A
  • Fig B
  • Despite the expense, the quality is amazing
  • Few pieces per order, but they’re really large

    Fig B

From the words of Jerik, “It was delicious. Es pecially the Taro rolls in Fig B and the curried squid. I was not a fan of the Siu Mai (Pork and Shrimp dumplings with a yellow wrapper). I also didn’t like their bathrooms – their urinals are placed stategically so that you can see intimate parts of the person in the mirror. I also really didn’t like the plastic table top covers, it felt kinda trashy.”

Now, we all know that the plastic covers are the sign of a well used dim sum house, but I do have to agree – it does feel a little trashy. Despite that, the wonders of Dim Sum have us ever returning. Yum!

After Rol San, we went on our way to make various purchases. First of which was sushi rice to make a Bento Box for Oliver – we went all over Chinatown to find the perfect bento, and after almost giving up, we found one. Phew! It’s so perfect, and it’s not Hello Kitty!

Verdict: Dim Sum is DELICIOUS!