Moving day has finally come and gone. It was a horrendous fun-filled day that only took six hours to finally move. 972360_10152804298850136_2070140435_n

Let me paint a picture for you – a small attic space, just for you. You’re yelled at and told that you should feel at home, and should unpack everything. I spent one night there before the daughter had yet another mental meltdown and I was asked to leave.

Yes, in due time, I will get into this story. It’s quite a good one. In the mean time, a good friend, who can be seen in the picture to the right was a trooper. It was a two person moving team and we moved all of my junk stuff to three different locations.

After a horrendously long day, I went out and purchased the largest steaks known to man and made a wonderful dinner: Chopped salad, rice, steaks, pork kabobs, grilled asparagus, and to finish it all off, lemon meringue pie. My friend, Jerik had a serious case of full-tummy syndrome after that.

On another note: Being a hobo kinda sucks. I’ve lived out of a bag for a long time and it’s not a nice feeling. It’s a good thing that I have my beau, Oliver. He has been supportive, loving, and caring throughout this entire thing. I have never felt more at home and I actually enjoy doing things around the house to help and I look forward to living here for a little while at least. Stability it just around the corner – I can feel it.

There is so much support – not only for myself, but also for the two of us, my beau and I, that is. We’re still looking at moving in together after the summer is over, but for now, we’re living together in a large house with Pippin, my puppy Prince.