New moment. Fresh Start. Fresh Bread. Oh, so delicious. There’s nothing more heavenly than a fresh baguette with butter. There’s a bakery near my workplace, and they make some very heavenly sweets, but they also make some wonderful breads.

Next time I visit, then I will take pictures of some of my favourite items.

It’s weird finally being on the opposite side of the counter. When I worked in a bakery for many years as a front counter helper, I knew exactly how each item had been processed, and unfortunately, it wasn’t appetizing.

Over the years in the industry, I only ate the highest quality items that I made myself or came from a reputable source. Since I’ve not been an active professional servant pastry chef in the kitchen, I’ve become one of those terrible office types. You know the ones that I mean – the ones that perk up as soon as the word “food” is uttered.

For breakfast this morning at work, I had two ice cream cookie sandwiches just because they were left in the freezer. They were high-quality, but also over a week old. They were the best thing I’ve ever eaten (at that time).

In the last year, I’ve gone from, “Ugh. No more sweets. I work with them every. single. day. and I don’t want to see them ever again” to “OMG YES PLEASE! OM NOM NOM!”

It doesn’t help that at the college where I work; we have baking classes that very often create delicious smells that waft through the halls.

Staying on this side of the counter isn’t helping my waistline.